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Tuesday Afternoon Water Cooler: TAWC Week 3 Review


Just want to preface this weeks TAWC with the disclaimer that I could not watch the game on the tele, so I had to rely on an unreliable internet feed, which was ALMOST worthless. ...


Tuesday Report Card (HUMP-DAY Edition): Saints Bucs Week 2


Sorry folks, Tuesday Game Grades were delayed do to technical difficulties (with life!)…….Happy Hump-Day! GAME GRADES OFFENSE/Coaches:  C Not the cleanest game they’ve ever played.  The Saints offense, like so many times last season...


Monday Afternoon Water Cooler – MAWC Week 2 Review


Well folks, you win some and you lose some…….and sometimes you play the Bucs.  What an ugly day (and not just the weather) for Saints fans.  Rain delay, sloppy offensive football and worst of...


Tuesday Report Card – grading out the Saints/Falcons Week 1


Just got finished watching the game for a 3rd time and liked it just as much the first 2 times.  Hopefully this is a sign of things to come this year for the Saints....