Author: Comncnts

Common Sense – What a novel idea. Since that November 5, 1967 first win in Tulane Stadium, I have been an un-ashamed Saints loyalist. I must admit, it has been easier since 2006. As long as there is a game on the schedule, there is an opportunity to Win!

Saints Sixth Sense …… A Comncnts Opinion


WhoDat Warriors has always been a place dominated with a true love for the New Orleans Saints.  Sometimes factually critical, WDW contributors were often very optimistic about their beloved team.  This year is no...


Streaking ….. A Comncnts Opinion

228 defines “streak”: a spell or run: an uninterrupted series.   The WhoDat Nation describes simply – “About Time”. A review of the Payton/Brees Era, the Saints have had eleven streaks of over three wins...


Too Smart … A Comcnts Opinion


Ever heard the old adage, “he was just too smart for his own good?  Well after turning on MNF with high hopes, it did not take long to understand our beloved Saints were out...