It was kind of a slow day at camp today, a lot of walk thru’s and special team drills. The weather was hot but wasn’t excruciatingly hot, plus I got to hang with a couple of out of town friends who made the drive, Judy from Mississippi  and James from Texas.

Whodat Nation indeed.

Okay this is going to be short mainly because there wasn’t much live action with the 7 on 7 or 11 on 11 team drills.

11 on 11

  • Marcus Williams had decent coverage on Josh hill on about a 15 yard out route but Hill fell down as the ball was arriving
  • Taysom Hill fumbles the snap but recovers to dump it over the middle to Boston Scott
  • Trey Edmunds flashes some speed and moves on what looked like would be a long run going to the outside but cutting it up the middle

A couple of FG notes: Wil Lutz comes up just short on what I would say was about a 60 yard try. The Saints then go into a hurry up FG drill were they run a play and then the FG unit has to hurry on the field to try an attempt. The 1st attempt there was a flag for movement on the line – they get a redo and Lutz nails it from 37 yards.

11 on 11

  • With good coverage downfield Drew Brees has to dump it off to Travin Dural for a short gain
  • Paul Turner beats PJ Williams to the outside but Brees missed him, I’m sure he wants that one back
  • Great play by Marcus Williams coming over to break up a deep ball intended for Tommylee Lewis. Ken Crawley was also in on the coverage. These are the ball hawking skills that makes Williams so valuable to this team, I’m really looking forward to his play this year.
  • Hau’oli Kikaha with the sack on Hill, even though the play should have been whistled dead, Hill scrambles out and show his speed getting out of trouble.
  • Tommylee Lewis with about a 20 yard gain showing his speed
  • Kikaha with what should have been another sack
  • Tom Savage feeling the pressure overthrows Paul Turner
  • Good to see J.T. Barrett showing his arm strength on a deep ball to 87 (number not on roster) it would have been a tough catch but it hit his hands. De’Vante Harris and Chris Banjo on the coverage

7 on 7 hurry up offense

  • Brees starts the 2 minute drill with a dump off to Alvin Kamara
  • Another dump off to Ben Watson
  • And yet another to Kamara
  • Notable: Tommylee Lewis, Travin Dural and Keith Kirkwood are you starting wideouts during this drill
  • Brees to Josh Hill for about 10 yards
  • LB Jayrone Elliott with the sack on Brees – the defensive sideline erupts
  • Kurt Coleman with a great pass break up for a ball intended for Josh Hill but draws the flag – to me it looked clean – he got there when the ball arrived

Well that’s a wrap for today, Ill be back out there tomorrow and after I do some editing I will have the photo gallery up a little later. Thanks for reading and as always ….WHODAT!!