It’s been awhile since I posted anything but after a much needed break, I’m back. If I make multiple typos or have spastic looking paragraphs I’m just going to blame it on the heat or the long layoff or maybe it’s just a few of these ice cold beers helping me cool off.

Anyways just bear with me.

Like always during mini camp there’s only so much you can take away from it, for me it’s the DB’s against the receivers or the running backs going against the LB’s. Everything else is hard to get a handle on until they put on pads in a month and a half.

Here’s a quick run down of some things that caught my eye.

Linebackers against running backs drills

  • Colton Jumper with a nice read with his pass breakup on Zach Line
  • Nate Stupar showing no lingering effects of his injury with solid coverage on Trey Edmonds
  • Ryan Yurachek beats Demario Davis on a little seam route
  • Alvin Kamara easily beats Davis on a short out route, to be fair, he does that to everybody and is almost impossible to cover in the short flat
  • Trey Edmunds has a couple of steps on Colton Jumper but drops the ball
  • Stupar again with good coverage, this time it’s Mark Ingram
  • Really nice read by Craig Robertson stepping in front of Zach Line for the interception
  • Kamara looked good all day, this time he beats Nate Stupar down the seam

The Saints go through an 11 on 11 but it is all run plays, Boston Scott caught my eye with his explosiveness to the edge. The Saint shift to special teams and then do some walk through’s.

Seven on seven

  • Alvin Kamara with a great over the shoulder deep out route catch, couldn’t make out who was covering him but it was tight
  • The play of the day – Ken Crawley wrestling the ball away from Ted Ginn Jr for the interception, that got the crowd going. It’s only mini camp but that tenacity is how he took that starting corner spot last year.
  • A blown coverage as Eldridge Massington is wide open down the middle for the catch
  • Kamara showing his good hands with a low ball catch
  • Keith Kirkwood with a nice back shoulder catch on a medium out route with PJ Williams in coverage
  • One thing to note: Taysom Hill did not look good during these drills, at one point misfiring on three straight attempts, they were just bad throws.

11 on 11 redzone

  • Austin Carr (I think) with a nice grab at the goal line rolling in for the TD
  • Marcus Davenport with what would have been a sack on Brees
  • David Onyemata with the sack
  • Boston Scott again showing his speed around the edge, he would have scored or close to it – from around the 15 yard line
  • George Johnson with the Sack on Hill
  • Chris Banjo with a nice break-up on a pass by Tom Savage
  • Tommylee Lewis in what looked like would be a great catch in the corner of the endzone but right at the last moment Arthur Maulet gets a hand in there to break it up – really nice recovery
  • J.T. Barrett looking slippery as he eludes a bunch of defenders for a scramble
  • When you look at these quarterbacks Drew Brees just stands out – this time with a laser to Ted Ginn Jr on a sideline route

Well that’s a wrap. They cut practice about a half hour short today.

One other note of interest, my partner in crime out there with me today, Judy Boggins from kept commenting on this running back number 38 who was catching our eye but wasn’t on the Saints supplied roster – that player was Tim Hightower, I’m really pulling for this guy. He was here for a try out, so hopefully it shakes out for him.

Check back here in a few hours I will do a photo gallery of today’s action once I get the photo’s edited. We’ll be back out in the devil heat tomorrow, so until then….WHO DAT!!