It is beginning to look like 2008 all over again.  After the 5th win in a row, I started paying attention to my socks and my t-shirt.  Mojo was building and I was not going to take on the entire streak by changing what I was wearing when it started.  Pre-game rituals were becoming predictable.  We all had to sit in the same places!  Call my son during the game or wait until it was over?  What did I do last week?  Must repeat, because the responsibility of keeping the streak alive was all about me..right?

Have you kept any superstitious activities in play over the last six games?

As a fan, we want to live in the moment with the team when they are on one of these once in a blue moon streaks.  We try to do everything we can to help the team add one more win.  It is the power of sport and the loyalty to a team.  It is a lot like this weekly diatribe – no way I will stop now!

The streak belongs to Mickey, Sean, DA, the coaches, Jeff Ireland and staff, and every player that has put on the black and gold this season.  It is exciting to see this team get younger and more competitive.  It is great to see the balance that a run game brings to the mix.  It is awesome to see depth allow us to overcome injuries that in the past would have doomed our confidence and talent.

Yes,this streak thing is pretty fun, now go repeat the things you have done since the win in Charlotte.

Keys to the game:

Play in the Cold and damp: or Wear the right damn shoes!  After a couple of scheduling years that kept us out of wintry weather games this game is not only against one of the better team we have faced, but it will be on their home field.  They are undefeated at home and the weather will be more suited for ducks than Saints.  The ground game will have to be effective.  The Bills are a Top Ten defense against the rush. We may have Warford back and that should help us get some push.  They will be looking for Kamara so Mark will have to run angry and protect the ball.  Catch the punts!

Can we control Taylor and McCoy:  Our previous defenses used to get burned with mobile quarterbacks.  In fact, they did not have to be very mobile (Alex Smith as a 49’er comes to mind).  I hope DA watched the Cardinals control rush Wilson Thursday.  Limit Taylor’s chance to run (no more Hundley breakouts) and we make their attack McCoy.  Rankins will have to eat blockers this week.  (do not tell Winston or he will make a pre-game speech out of it — Look at me!)

Can we be as tough with Vacarro on sidelines:  The defense has obviously been playing with confidence and swagger.  Ain’t it great?  The defense athleticism is much improved this year, but much of the “nastiness” starts with Vacarro.   Banjo stepped in a played well after Vacarro left.  I feel confident that Banjo and the scheme can minimize the strategic loss of Vacarro – but can the defense keep the nasty attitude?

PREDICTION:  It is a November game in Buffalo, they play tough at home; the weather and wind can always make this game interesting.  All things considered the worst of the weather should come hours after the final whistle.  This will still require an effective passing game to keep the box open for a the run game.   Time of Possession, clean football, no turn-overs will be required…Saints 23.. Bills 17.