It is good to be home!  After a great trip to London to see our Saints play one of their most complete games it is good to rush through a hectic work week and get ready for Saints football.   It was a great trip to London.  I was shocked  to see the number of WhoDats that made the trip across the pond.  It was a great and energetic group.  It was also to see a large contingent of Europeans wearing Saints jerseys.  The crowd at Wembley leaned to the Dolphins, but you could hear resounding cheers for the good guys in the second half.  The English gentleman that sat next to Son of Comncnts was pulling for the boys from New Orleans, son asked how did you become a Saints fan – answer… “I placed 100 pounds on the Saints to win!”…. I will take a fan and a win from anybody!

For the Saints, it is good to be home also.  Two weeks on the road, one week bye….finally in week six of the 2017 season our Saints are finally playing their second game in the Superdome.   Oh the Superdome!  There was a time when teams in the NFL hated visiting the Big Easy.

2011 and 2013 saw the boys in Black and Gold go 8 – 0 on the turf on Poydras.  The team played aggressive on offense, built a lead and seldom looked back.  It was hot at home, the crowd was smart, loud, and Crunked echoed throughout the dome.  Then something happened.  Since 2014 the Saints have played 22 games in the dome and they have won only 8.  8 wins, 14 losses – somebody call Marie Laveau, break the spell, get a little gris-gris – do something to get back in control of our place.  Home is the place we should play confident, aggressive, foot on the gas, — it is up to the first 3 minutes of the game to set this winning tone.

Two of those 14 home losses were to this week’s opponent, the Detroit Lions.  These losses have been thrashings giving up an average of 31.5 points to the Lions and only mustering 20 average points.  It is time we get back to the Dome winning ways against the Lions.  Remember the 45 – 27 win in 2009 or the 31 – 17 win in 2011, or the 45 – 28 Wildcard win in 2012?  Hey it is about scoring 40 points and holding the Lions to the  20’s.

It won’t be easy, but it is time to make the Superdome our home field advantage!

Keys to the Game.

  1. Can the defense maintain the streak? The Saints defense has 5 straight quarters without allowing a single point. Read it again!!  5 quarters, 0 points allowed!  That is correct the New Orleans Saints.  In fact they have only given up 19 points in the last 10 quarters.  Other than the third quarter touchdown allowed to the Panthers in week 3, the Saints have protected their endzone!  The Lions come in the 29th ranked offense, averaging just over 24 points per game….If the defense is real, if playing a hobbled Matthew Stafford, if the Saints can hold them under 20 point mark, the Saints will climb over the 500 mark.
  2. Can the offense deliver 30? There was a time that the Saints piled up 30 points week after week.  There was a time that the Saints would get a lead, put the pedal to the metal, and turn the defense loose.   Sunday would be a great day to start that.  Coach is through trying to manage a three ring circus at running back.  No need to try to find touches of AP, now mix it up, keep the Lion defense on their heels, control the tempo and listen to the home crowd get with you!
  3. Keep winning the turnover game! Beware to jinx the most amazing stat of the new season.  Not certain which stat? Well, I am not saying – leave it to say, if we keep winning the turnover game we will win games.

PREDICTION:  Lions have a top 5 rushing defense, but losing Ngata will put pressure on the defensive line.  If Snead is active, expect a big game as Thomas draws extra attention from the Lions.   I feel the Dome field advantage returns- Saints 34 – Lions 23.  It is going to be good to be home!