On a day when hope seemed to slip away, hope peeked over the clouds at Bank of America Stadium and turned on a dime.  There were dark whisperings the Panthers’ offense was sputtering but none knew how much until it was exposed in a familiar match up.  The Saints defense took advantage of the Carolina offensive struggles and absence of strategic players. But the surprise of the afternoon was how the dominance of the Saints offense (sans their strategic players) held sway over the vaunted Panthers’ defense.  A neophyte offensive line ran the ball through the middle of the feared Panthers’ defensive line.  It was an unusual game with an unusual outcome.  And there were turn overs!  Three of them! Saints fans would have to travel in the way back machine to remember such feats.  The game exemplified the magic of a game on an afternoon when they were counted out, came to play, and won. I don’t know what if anything this tells us about the Saints team other than–the players and coaches did not quit and gave enormous effort.  Fans will forgive lack of talent but not lack of preparation and effort.  So, the Saints remain a team to watch and ponder.