The dog days of camp are here as evident by the growing number of walking wounded which included Marshon Lattimore, Coby Fleener, Tony McDaniel, Max Unger among others – at least Lattimore and McDaniel were doing some light work with the trainers. Adrian Peterson appears to have had a rest day.

Delvin Breaux got in some positional drills and was going at it %100 but was nowhere to be seen when the team portion started. I did notice his left calf heavily wrapped but he was moving good.

WR vs DB drills

  • De’Vante Harris gets things started for the defense with a nice pass break up on Brandon Coleman. Coleman had it for a second in the endzone but Harris quickly knocked it out.
  • Michael Thomas drops an easy one on a short crossing route.
  • Travin Dural with the deep sideline reception over Arthur Maulet who is shaken up on the play. After the trainers look at him he shakes it off and is back after a few snaps.
  • Lawrence Rashad initially beats Ken Crawley on a deep ball but Crawley recovers to break up the pass at the last second.
  • Travin Dural with a nice back shoulder catch on PJ Williams.
  • Sterling Moore makes a good break on the ball but drops the interception.
  • Authur Maulet has a pick go right through his hands.

11 on 11 team drills

  • Things get underway with Drew Brees finding Ted Ginn Jr wide open on a crossing route – looked to be busted coverage.
  • Cam Jordan stuffs Daniel Lasco for no gain.
  • David Onyemata with great penetration throwing Alvin Kamara for a five yard loss.
  • Craig Robertson blows up Josh Hill in what should have been a loss but Hill scrapes out three yards.
  • Jonathan Walton (LB) just tattooed Darius Victor (more on him later)
  • Delvin Breaux is a no-show in team drills.
  • Victor comes back with a hard run up the gut that goes for about eight.
  • Victor again with an impressive run off tackle to the right – he was breaking tackles. Even though the defense thought other wise he did not fumble and was ruled down by the ref.
  • I feel like a broken record for the last few practices but Ryan Nassib over throws to many balls.
  • Trey Edmund ends this portion of 11 on 11 with an impressive run up the left side.

Thomas Morstead likes to remind us how good he still is dropping punts consistently inside the 10 yard line.

7 on 7 begins

  • 7 on 7 starts the way that the team drills did with Ted Ginn Jr wide open on a crossing pattern.
  • Michael Thomas with the back shoulder catch, almost impossible to defend.
  • It’s hot
  • Kenny Vaccaro draw the pass interference flag getting to TE Garrett Griffin a bit too early.
  • Michael Hoomanawanui beats Vaccaro on a short out route, KV gives Hooman an extra shove.
  • Rafael Bush comes up to make a nice tackle on Tommylee Lewis that looked like it may have been a loss on the play.
  • Did I mention it’s hot – TE Clay Harbor just puked.

11 on 11 situational starts (red zone)

  • Brandon Coleman drops a toe tapper in the corner of the end zone – wasn’t the best pass by Brees.
  • Alvin Kamara showing his speed as he darts for the corner and scores.
  • Brandon Coleman rebounds with the score (and spike) Marcus Williams with the coverage.
  • Nice pass to Ted Ginn Jr in the back corner of the end zone – he dropped it.
  • Darius Victor with the hard run, breaking one tackle and then dragging two defenders. The collision was loud, come to think of it almost every time he carries the ball you can hear the impact. The last time a no name at camp caught my eye as much as Darius Victor was Chris Ivory’s rookie year. He’s going to make the Saints find a spot for him.

11 on 11 situational two-minute drills begin

  • Things get started on the wrong foot a Travaris Cadet drops an easy swing pass.
  • Brees goes back to Cadet with the same exact play except he doesn’t drop it this time.
  • Brees comes down with the high snap and fires a dart to TE ย Clay Harbor over the middle.
  • Hooman had a step on Nate Stupar but the ball was just off his finger tips – if he comes down with that, he’s probably still running.
  • Michael Thomas over the middle for 15 yards – De’Vonte Harris with the coverage.
  • Alex Anzalone with the sack – Payton runs out on the field calling the sack after the officials missed it.
  • Brandon Coleman over the middle for 17 yards.

Chase Daniel is in at QB

  • Right of the bat Chase Daniel hits Tommylee Lewis for about twenty yards down the right side.
  • He comes back with another sideline throw to Travin Dural for nine yards.
  • Daniel is pressured and lobs one up for Jake Lampman who almost comes up with the under thrown ball.
  • Adam Bighill and Ashaad Mabry team up to snuff out a screen to Daniel Lasco – really good read by both players.

Drew Brees is back in

  • They are starting at their 40 yard line with one minute on the clock.
  • Alex Okafor with the sack of Brees.
  • Kikaha with the pressure causing Brees to throw incomplete.
  • Clay Harbor with the drop.
  • A.J. Klein is hurt – looks like cramps as the trainers try to stretch his leg out. He is carted off but when a fan yells his concern, Klein responds “I’m good” with a thumbs up.
  • Cam Jordan with the sack that is not called.
  • With Drew Brees being pressured he throws an interception to De’Vonte Harris.

Well that’s a wrap for today and I appreciate you taking time out of your day to read this piece. I wasn’t sure I was going to publish this out of respect for this sites owner, Christy Lynch Chauvin and the recent sad tragedy that has taken place. But Christy always talked about her father being a Saints fan and we all know she’s a die-hard fan. So with him in mind I decided to publish – please keep Christy and her family in your prayers at this difficult time.