Most of my fellow Whodats’ would give a six month pay check to be watching our team play in Houston this week. Let’s face it a second trip to the Super Bowl is high on our priority list. For this week, many of us are bogged down with Sunday’s big question; 1) for the Falcons, 2) against the Falcons.

While many are beginning to sort through Mock drafts, review the salary cap, and identify key free agents; across the pond, activity proves that our New Orleans Saints travel well! I checked in the NFL UK ticket sales and was intrigued with what I saw. The two games scheduled for Wembley Stadium went on sale the same day – the Saints/Dolphins Premium tickets sold out very quickly. Today, All Price Categories Pre-Sale started at 4 AM NOLA time and as of now, only single tickets remain. During that same time frame, at the same stadium, tickets at all levels for the Ravens/Jaguars game are still available.

Starting Monday, hope springs eternal for our team and next season! Every team starts over. No matter which team wins, we will play a Superdome game against the Super Bowl Champion for the second year in a row, and we will play one of our road games in London, in front of a very energetic crowd.

Open sale tickets go on sale later this week. The official site for information You can search the internet and find several tour companies that are putting together group sales.

Now your answer to the question…..Falcons or Patriots? I for one want to watch Roger hand the trophy to Tom Brady, that photo could be priceless!