With nothing to play for in the post season,the Saints show they are a scrappy team charging back to pull within 6 points of Falcons after trailing by 22 points.

It was a hideous first half. The Falcons scored 35 points and seemingly were unstoppable during Saints versus Falcons Week 16. But the Saints defense again surprised after the half and held the Falcons to three (3) points after that by applying pressure to an albeit conservative running game.  The Falcons were playing to preserve their second seed bye in the NFC.

The Saints defense has improved and their defensive coordinator position is sealed with great adjustments by Dennis Allen.

Michael Thomas eclipsed Marques Colston as the Saints rookie leader for catches, and Mark Ingram won his first hard won 1,000 yard season.

Special teams have come along this year after so many stumbles which cost the Saints a few games.  Since the Saints hired O’Dea, Will Lutz has been golden.

As for the future, the oline will need some additions as well as running back, line backers, corners, and an outside pass rush.  The good news, the Saints will have coin in free agency and the 11th overall draft position.

Very proud of how the Saints fought today and their no quit attitude.