The reasons why Sean Payton is not leaving for the Los Angeles Rams.

  1. Working with Jared Goff instead of Drew Brees. From what I have seen, it will take more than a year to develop Goff and Payton’s system is very complex.
  2. Working with Tavon Austin, Kenny Brit, Pharaoh Cooper, Brian Quick and Mike Thomas instead of Brandin Cooks, Michael Thomas, and Willie Snead.
  3. Having to choose another defensive coordinator. Payton has finally found a defensive coordinator he works well with and is good at his job.
  4. Having to find an offensive coordinator who is not really a coordinator but an assistant and ready to learn his system.
  5. Working with Les Snead–need I say more
  6. Trying to defend the field with the Rams secondary against really good quarterbacks.  Has anyone seen these scores?  The Saints defensive roster and ability to choose key players have both dramatically improved.  Rams have some stars but so do the Saints.
  7. Major rebuild of roster that will take more than one season. Both the Saints roster and the Rams roster need more key players but the Saints are closer.
  8. Mickey Loomis would not be able to replicate the momentum and system without Payton.  Can you say “moving backward” during the last years of MVP player Drew Brees

Why would Sean Payton consider the Rams job?

  1. A chance to stick it to Gregg Williams
  2. The stadium
  3. Non-bountygate team

This does not mean there is not mutual interest and both parties will hear each other out but hopefully common sense overcomes overheated speculation.