On a dreary, rainy day, it was raining Drew Brees interceptions and Matthew Stafford passes in the SuperdOMe during Saints versus Lions.  Granted, Coby Fleener dropped some touchdown passes but Drew Brees was under duress all day. The Saints defense seemed incapable of stopping the Lions, and the Saints offense could not establish any rhythm.

The fans showed up despite the rain and did have some fan impact plays. But it was hard to sustain any enthusiasm given the Saints offense’s faltering during Saints versus Lions.  It was especially disheartening as fans could see the Falcons losing on the score report board.

Every team has flaws, and the Saints remain capable of engaging the fan base in their journey each year but it is hoped the Saints will be able to put together a consistent, dominating team. Depth is needed but that is a problem for next year.

On another note, it was good to see some of the Saints greats during half time. The loudest cheers went Steve Gleason, Jon Vilma, Marques Colston, Pierre Thomas, Archie Manning and Deuce McAllister.  However, it was hard to see Rocky Smith walk out in Will Smith’s jersey knowing the murder trial starts tomorrow for her husband.  Prayers up for the Smith family.