As Deuce McAllister said so eloquently “Sean Payton opened a whole can of gotchas” on Gregg Williams today during Saints versus Rams. So many great plays today but none more impressive than the shut out of the Rams in the second half where the defense only allowed 60 (Yes, you read that right) yards in the second half.  The Dome was rocking and the Rams were locking up tight tight tight especially after the 50 yard pass from Willie Sneed to Tim Hightower.

The years of frustration showed today as the Saints planned and schemed during their ten day break to win during Saints versus Rams.  Not only have the Rams had the Saints number during their most recent contests but having Gregg Williams on the other side of the contest made it important to the Saints to win this one. And win they did in a big way.

Beautiful run after run showed the Saints were the more physical in the trenches today, and there were some slick touchdowns from Brees including two on fourth and one.  The Saints were ready to be dome-inate today.  It was thrilling to see the Rams stopped on a fourth and one as well. Mike Thomas’ muscle into the end zone was something for the ages.  So many great plays today.

Stay tuned as we have more analysis during the week.

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