On a grey day in New Orleans, it was heated in the SuperDome. The New Orleans Saints defense played lights out as they made stand after stand against the Denver Broncos during Saints versus Broncos. The mighty Saints offense sputtered at times, and the defense barely saw some rest between series. But they came up huge time and again. Although the Broncos seemed to be in control, they only scored 10 points in the first half, and the Saints held them to that until the fourth quarter.

Saints versus Broncos

Nick Fairley Sack – Saints versus Broncos – Photo courtesy of The New York Times

There were two great interceptions by the Saints but two fumbles by Michael Thomas and other turnovers settled the turnover battle in favor of the Broncos.

When Brees and company finally began to click after the second half, it was an exciting time in the Dome during Saints versus Broncos.  Incredible play after incredible play almost carried the day until a surprise blocked extra point stymied the Saints win and allowed the Broncos to win.

It was an incredible effort by the team, and there was no quit in them despite the noisy Broncos fans in the stands.  Calling out all fans who sold their tickets and their team short.  If you don’t want your tickets, let someone who does want to pull for their team take over your tickets. Your fellow fans who sit next to you know you are lame.  Ok, rant over.

But now to a different rant … Broncos got caught using leverage by holding down the center on what was thought to be a fair jump over the line to block the point after.  Soon, the competition committee will have to address the fact that there is not ability of coach to challenge clearly wrong calls.

Answer from Football Zebras on the play

Saints versus Broncos

We will have more analysis during the week on Saints versus Broncos.  Stay tuned.