Saints win a wild one in Santa Clara.

Saints bog down in first series after offensive pass interference call on Brandin Cooks; and 49ers seemingly move the ball well but are slowed down with penalties.  49ers settle for 49-yard field goal off the foot of Phil Dawson to score first in Saints versus 49ers.

Tim Hightower and some great passes by Brees completes a march down the field yielding a touchdown.  Next series, Kaepernick completes a pass to Craig Robertson for an excellent turnover; and Drew Brees’ pass to Mike Thomas is complete for a touchdown, and Saints go up by 11 during first quarter.

49ers try to go for it on 4th down but are unable to convert.  Byrd is making some great tackles for Saints, and Delvin Breaux is moving well.  Saints march down and score again on a TD by Mark Ingram.  Glad for him to come out of the benched-for-fumbles wasteland.  49ers score a TD but Mark Ingram comes back channeling his inner Bama and goes in for the score. (Roman Harper is happy yea).

Saints defense gives up a touchdown to 49ers on a Kaepernick pass in the waning minutes of the second half of Saints versus 49ers. Saints instantly march down the field and are in field goal range after three holding penalties on defense.  Withholding penalties by 49ers but these give the Saints more yards but no more seconds on the clock so Saints settle for field goal and lead by 11 at half time during Saints versus 49ers.

To open the second half, Kaepernick completes some great throws but 49ers do not score but turn over the ball.  Saints unable to move the ball forward and have to punt.

Saints stall and 49ers have a three and out. Saints remain up by eight points as Saints take the field with 16:36 left in Saints versus 49ers. Saints roll through and Mike Thomas makes an incredible catch in the midst of awesome coverage.  Can’t Guard Mike! What a find for the Saints!

The Saints are up by 15 points now on the 49ers. It must be remembered Kaepernick made it to the Super Bowl and has made some good throws today. This game is not a cake walk for the Saints. But when Kaepernick tries to become a pocket passer, he has seven straight incompletions. Two punts begin the 4th quarter for the Saints. And Saints end the game with 41 points–another record day for Brees and Ingram. Also most rushing yards (over 245) by Saints in Payton era.

I won’t make any sweeping judgments about the state of the Saints after this game. San Francisco imploded a bit and has a lot of injured players. But the Saints were able to contain the 49ers to three points in the second half after many misdirection plays provided multiple scoring opportunities in the first half. The defensive second half adjustments worked again in California. I will say that I was very comfortable with the offense’s ability to move the ball and almost felt like the 49ers possessions acted as clock management in the second half. The ability to run the ball allowed the Saints to control the clock. This game was very reminiscent of the game against the Trestman-led Chicago Bears.