Injuries and noise affected the Saints during the first quarter of Saints versus Chiefs. The Saints lost some field position with several false starts, and injuries along the left offensive line hindered Brees’ ability to move the ball after the opening drive. Chiefs running game was varied and effective; I would have to say the lack of a Saints running game does not provide much experience for the defense to defend the run as sophisticated as Kansas City’s run game.

Penalties dominated the Saints play during the second quarter.  Alex Smith, the quarterback for the Chiefs, was able also to move the ball through the air effectively.  The Saints defense finally got a good stop near the end of the first half of Saints versus Chiefs.  One good takeaway for the Saints was the play of Thomas Morstead who consistently pinned the Chiefs within the 20 yard line.

Terron Amstead back in for Saints, and it makes a difference in the third quarter. Saints score and limit Kansas City in the third quarter.

The Fourth and money quarter, Saints are marching against Chiefs until Mark Ingram fumbles the ball.  Chiefs have been very limited but are still up ten points and now have their hands on a Saints ball twice in this game.  Will have to say defense has played better against an unfamiliar opponent in Saints versus Chiefs.  With 2minutes and 44seconds left, Brees connects with Brandon Coleman for a touchdown. Coleman showed some savvy moves to stay open for the touchdown throw. Nick Fairley makes a bone headed penalty on a personal foul on Spencer Ware.  There was no call for the takedown after the whistle especially given the fact Ware was not the ball carrier.

It was a in which game the Saints continued to compete until the end and for that I am proud of them.  Saints versus Chiefs did not end well for Saints but if you are going to drop a game, it is best to drop a game outside of the division.

Side Note: It was the 100th 300-yard passing game of Brees’ storied career, extending his own NFL record.