In a dOMe loud and intense, Drew Brees broke Peyton Manning’s record with his 15th career 400-yard game during Saints versus Panthers.

Stop me if you heard this before – I am not a fan of player’s allowing the ball to pass over their head and starting with field position of less than 20 yards.  Should I say it again?  The Panthers won the position battle too many times this week but overall special teams played well with a winning field goal by Will Lutz.  There also was a return by TommyLee Lewis for the ages.

The game could be divided between the effects of two injuries for the Saints–Andrus Peat and Sterling Moore.  Having Peat on the oline made a huge difference in moving the ball and losing Sterling Moore as a corner was almost fatal during Saints versus Panthers.

The Saints running game could be improved immensely by more effective blocking. This would improve the Saints’ ability to manage the clock and take control of pacing. As was evident during the Raiders game, the Saints sometimes score too quickly.  But, hey, points are important, and no sane Saints fan will ever turn down any of those puppies.

The fans were able to change a penalty for intentional grounding because we introduced the refs to the fact that Josh Hill is a tight end, and Drew Brees did try to rainbow a pass to him.  There was another call overturned when a non call was reviewed, and a touchdown awarded.

The truly terrible, bad ugly, no good call came on a pass interference call on Kenny Vaccaro which was not a legitimate call; however, it was a make up call because previous Saints defenders had pushed off on Panthers receivers.  The poor call opened the flood gate for yards on poor passes by Cam Newton who was able to get yards on defensive pass interference calls and more the ball to the goal line.

Why was Cam Newton so ineffectual during Saints versus Panthers? Because he tried to be a pure pocket passer, and he has not yet learned to set his feet properly to effectively and accurately throw down the field.  It is a good thing he has receivers who bail him out.

It is important to know the Panthers defense gave up 523 yards.  Yes, I know the Saints gave up 406 yards but it was significant the Saints were able to gain so many yards on the Panthers vaunted defense.

Saints Versus Panthers

You Decide

Saints quarterback Drew Brees says Panthers defensive tackle Kawann Short punched him in the mouth on a fourth-quarter play that produced a touchdown but left Brees with a bloody lip.  Short was flagged for roughing the passer when he hit Brees in the face with his left hand.

Cam Newton’s Press Conference

It lasted 90 seconds. Man up, dude. You didn’t mind tearing down other team’s flags in your stadium or taunting other teams when you ran into the end zone.  Now, when you lose, show sportsmanship.