Back at it for the final day of training camp, heat report: not bad at all compared to yesterday. A couple of unimportant things that caught my eye, usually the Saints will go through walk thru’s before they stretch and get ready for practice, today they came right out of the building, stretched and got right to work. Also the first time I’ve seen Sean Payton pull people out of the crowd and on to the field to participate in a kicking dual between Conner Barth and Kai Forbath (more on this later)

  • To start team drills (11 on 11 ) Brees throws a wounded duck deep ball intended for Brandin Cooks with Delvin Breaux on the coverage, the pass looked awful when it left his hand.
  • Brees comes back with a perfect strike in a soft zone out pattern to Willie Snead, it was between Nate Stuptar and Delvin Breaux.
  • Davis Tull with the sack on Grayson.
  • The aforementioned kicking contest results: Barth – 33 good, 41 good, 45 good, 48 good, 53 hit crossbar – no good. Forbath – 33 way over fence has to kick again – it was close so they ask the man under the goal post he signals good but it is challenged by Payton to the camera tower above the goal post – no good, retry to settle – good. 48 good, 53 good.
  • Vaccaro with good coverage on Fleener on an out route, after he breaks up the pass he gives Fleener a little extra mustard and he hits the ground.
  • Vaccaro blitzes and forces an early throw to Snead, DeVante Harris with the nice PBU.
  • Vaccaro again with the blitz, this time with a fist full of collar on McCown – would have been a flag even though he let go.
  • Brees misses a wide open Colby Fleener deep down the seam with Nate Stuptar in coverage.
  • CJ Spiller with a drop on a little flair route – he had plenty of room to run if he caught it.
  • Bad pass from McCown to Tommy Lee Lewis, he threw it way behind him – the QB’s struggled a little bit today.
  • McCown bounces back with a strike to Brandon Coleman who takes it to the house, Ken Crawley in coverage and I’m not sure it was his responsibility but Vonn Bell was late coming over.
  • Brees gets in on the action with a deep bomb to Brandin Cooks, Brandon Dixon was in coverage.
  • On the very next play Dixon drops an interception on a ball intended to Mike Thomas, solid coverage though.
  • Tim Hightower runs hard ALL of the time.
  • Another misfire from Brees, this time deep to Reggie Bell – he was open.
  • I know it’s old news but when CJ Spiller hits the edge, he’s got some real jets – he looks finally healthy.
  • A bit of a mismatch with Roman Harper covering CJ Spiller out of the backfield, I cringed at the thought.
  • Brees finds Willie Snead again exploiting the soft zone.

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