The New Orleans Saints have signed veteran fullback John Kuhn to a one year deal. Austin Johnson, the leading candidate to take the Saints fullback spot this season, suffered a season ending injury this week.

Kuhn’s NFL career started with the Steelers in 2006 as an undrafted free agent.  After which time he played nine seasons with the Green Bay Packers.  A fan favorite–a cheer would break out for Kuhn whenever he made a play.  He is a short-yardage specialist with 15 rushing touchdowns and eight receiving touchdowns.  He has rarely missed a game–in the last six season, he only missed three game.  Kuhn is 33 years old and still wants to play.  The Saints can get him in the rotation.  Let’s hope he stays strong and plays long.

A little history here:  Kuhn earned a Super Bowl ring as a member of the Steelers in Super Bowl XL, and he earned a second ring with the Green Bay Packers (against the Steelers) in Super Bowl XLV. He was the NFC’s fullback in the 2012 Pro Bowl.

His statistics from Profootball Reference are as follows:

Saints Sign Veteran Fullback John Kuhn