Darryl Tapp will be 32 in September. Last year, he played 419 snaps as part of the Lions’ defensive line rotation last season, garnering a pair of sacks and receiving a good ranking from Pro Football Focus for his run defense. He’ll compete for a similar role in New Orleans. To make room for Tapp, the Saints waived TE Jack Tabb.



Saints Sign Defensive End Darryl Tapp
He was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks in the second round of the 2006 NFL Draft. He played college football at Virginia Tech.  Tapp has been long-time friends with Redskin cornerback DeAngelo Hall since childhood, the two having gone to same school from elementary school throughout college.
Darryl Tapp statistics from ProFootball Reference
Saints Sign Defensive End Darryl Tapp
This vocal leader of last year’s defense was snubbed by the team he worked so hard for last year.  He considers it to be motivation for his new team.  Last year, Lions Coach Jim Caldwell had this to say about Tapp.
“He’s a very, very talented guy that he’s been around a long time,” Lions coach Jim Caldwell said. “He’s versatile, smart, energetic. Day after day after day he’s the same. You can certainly hear his rally cry in the building and out here on the field and he does I think a great job of setting the tone for our guys on the defensive front. He gives us what we need in the run game. He’s a tough competitor there and then also, obviously, he’s slippery in terms of the pass game as well with his pass rush.”
The Saints have been known to pick up a free agent at the end of his career with a lot still in the tank and ready to prove something like they did last year with Kevin Williams.  Hopefully, this is another wise decision.