Cardell Hayes exited vehicle with gun was the latest updated on the Will Smith murder investigation which had preliminary hearings today. Judge Camille Buras refused to reduce bond and also refused to disallow statements Hayes made to officers at the scene. Hayes was recorded by the body camera of an officer. He had asked for an attorney and questioning stopped but Hayes continued to make statements. Hayes’ attorneys attempted to have these statements thrown out but Judge Buras allowed them to stand.  She will hear writs on the matter and will likely result in an appeal of her ruling.

Also of interest was testimony there was a pause between the shots. This does not bode well for Hayes given the fact he exited his vehicle with the gun and paused between shots. Did he shot Racquel and then Will or shoot Will and then fire at Racquel?  Either way, it is damning testimony.

Hayes did ram Smith’s vehicle at 21 miles per hour, and the district attorney averred this was a deliberate attempt to hit the Smith vehicle.

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