The NFL Draft is finally here. I began to think about why we love the NFL Draft and what makes it so great. After months of rumors, analysis, and speculation, we will get the answers we’ve been waiting for. Fans of football love the draft for many reasons: The arrival of the draft means the return of the sport we all love. We can critique our teams selection. For those of us who also enjoy college football, there is always a chance that a player from our favorite college team is united with our favorite NFL team. For many involved in the sport, there are no three days more important than those of the draft.

We, as fans, often think about how our favorite team will be impacted by the draft. The impact of the draft on the many prospects can be even more important, however. In some ways, the NFL Draft is representative of the American dream. The prospects waiting for their name to be called will be able to say, “I made it.” When people think of the American dream, they think of someone rising from the bottom to the top. There is the idea that one’s success is determined by the work they put in. For many of the prospects, this couldn’t be more true. Football players go through countless weight room sessions, agility training, and film study. Life creates challenges; it’s only natural for people to be faced with trials and tribulations. Some prospects have overcome more challenges than others, but regardless of each prospect’s situation, it’s incredible that they’ve made it this far. These prospects have had to answer questions for the duration of their football careers, and many of these prospects have made it a goal to prove the doubters wrong. The chip some of the prospects carry on their shoulder will propel them to tremendous success in the NFL.

Draft season is a season of hope and opportunity for prospects, franchises, and fans. At this time in the year, no team is eliminated from playoff contention. Every team has a shot to make a championship run. Optimism surrounds nearly every fanbase, some more optimistic than others. Teams are presented with the opportunity to change the future of their franchise; franchises are often made or ruined through the draft.

Many opportunities are put before the prospects who are about to embark on their NFL journeys. Some of those opportunities are:The opportunity to make his parents and family proud. The opportunity to become a millionaire. The opportunity to live up to the expectations. The opportunity to prove the doubters wrong. The opportunity to make his hometown a landmark. The opportunity to lead a game-winning drive. The opportunity to make a third-down stop. The opportunity to win a championship. The opportunity to become a legend. Some prospects will take advantage of the opportunities placed before them whereas some will let the opportunities slip past them. It may be a few years before we know who truly made the most of their opportunities.

The NFL Draft is some of the best drama one could get on television (sorry, Real Housewives). Teams will deal with tremendous pressure during the draft. Despite the fact that every team has its big board finalized, a great deal can change during the draft itself. Each team will look to draft the best players, and sometimes, teams will trade up to acquire their target. Excitement will fill Chicago and the homes of millions of Americans.

As we anxiously wait for our favorite team to make their selection, enjoy the draft. Whether you are watching from the comfort of your home or at a sports bar with your friends, make sure to cheer extra loud when the selection comes in. It is nights like tonight why we love the NFL Draft.


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