Roman Harper posted the following on his Facebook page:

I have mourned for a few days now. I did not want to speak in haste and I wanted my words to be tactful. I will lead off by saying if God can forgive all sins then so can I. Will Smith, my brother and teammate, you will be missed dearly and I still can’t wrap my imagination that you are no longer with us on this earth. This tragedy could have happened to anybody, and that’s what scares and eats at me the most. Will Smith you deserved better my brother. As a members of the greatest times in New Orleans Saints history I look back at the mindset we all had during those years. We could do no wrong, and the fans loved us so much they would never let anything happen to us saints players. We were treated as royalty. Family to the people and the city. Violence and crime made an exception to us. I’m deeply saddened to see that “our” city has broken that feeling of trust from me. Heartbroken for the Smith family and their loss. Will’s children, his beautiful wife Rockie, and his parents are the true victims here. Losing a husband, father, and son is something no one is ever truly prepared for. Will Smith I hate that I will never argue with you anymore. I will not hear you talk about how much “will is always right.” Or that I won’t be able to call u “big willy style” on our nights out on the town. And I hate that in 3 years we will have our Super Bowl reunion and you will not be there to hug me our teammates in joy of what we all accomplished that year. I do know that Will Smith we will “walk together forever,” and you are already truly missed by many. As our captain on the field you helped bring our team, organization, and city together in our championship year in 2009, and in your death you will bring us all back again “CLOSER THAN EVER” in 2016. We Love You and Rest in Peace Will——-Roman Harper 4/12/16
Roman Harper Mourns the Loss of Will Smith

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