It now appears the Saints are very much in the mix for Nick Fairley, and the Patriots have bowed out.

The New Orleans Saints have had a quiet free agent offseason but have been making solid moves including keeping some of their own (Hoomanawaui, Cadet, McCown, Sanford). This year there were no splash deals but a good solid infusion of defensive players (Laurinaitis, Stupar, Robertson) as well as tight end, Coby Fleener

As for now, we will sit and wait on further developments before we start talking draft strategy and roster needs. But on the Nick Fairley front, he played well last year for the Rams and have James Laurinaitis on the Saints can’t do anything but help.

Nick Fairley

This is how we see the roster today.  Let me know if you have any comments on the depth chart

Mar 25 Roster