The New Orleans Saints had been bracing to be the subject of HBO’s Hard Knocks this season but no Saints Hard Knocks.  Instead the honor goes to the Los Angeles Rams would be highlighted as they transition to a new state and location. The Saints could not have been happy to have had Hard Knocks on board as they rebuild and would probably be the first team to be forced to do the show.  (All other teams have volunteered). The uneasy relationship between the Saints and the NFL would have added tension and drama to the show but also could easily have devolved into stonewalling the show’s efforts to create drama by disallowing cameras into the more dramatic moments of player cuts. I can’t image Sean Payton or Mickey Loomis allowing cameras into the process.  I am also glad Mr. Benson will not have any additional stress as he attempts to put his family issues to rest.

Saints Hard Knocks