The Brandon Browner cut was a soon-to-be-realized eventuality.  But the timing has been designed to provide the team with the best possible position going forward.  Browner was let go at the start of the new league year because his contract called for a $750,000 bonus on the third day of the league year; consequently, he was cut today.

According to multiple reports, Browner’s release will hit the transaction wire on Thursday. The Saints will designate Browner as a post-June 1 cut which allows them to spread the remaining cap hits from his signing bonus of $2.6 million out over the next two years rather than having it all hit the cap all at once. However, there will be no immediate cap relief since Brandon Browner’s contract will stay on the books until June 1.

Brandon Browner

Browner will be free to sign with another team at any time, and we wish him luck.