The cost for the New Orleans Saints restricted free agents would be based on what level of compensation they are willing to offer Tim Lelito, Senio Kelemente, Josh Hill and Khiry Robinson.

New Orleans Saints Restricted Free Agents

Senio Kelemente

The tiers of compensation are as follows:

  1. $1.671M per player.  At this level of compensation, the Saints would retain the right to match the offer. If they decline, they would receive a fifth round choice for Kelemente but not for the others because they were undrafted.  This is the least expensive option but carries risk if the player opts for another team.
  2. $2.553M per player. At this level of compensation, if the player opted to play with another team, the Saints would receive a second round draft choice.  This option more or less would keep the player on the roster unless another teams has a great vision for the player.
  3. $3.635M per player.  At this level, if the player opted to play for another team, the Saints would receive a first round draft choice. This option would guarantee the player stays.

All of the money associated with each option, would mean less is available for free agency.

New Orleans Saints Restricted Free Agents

Josh Hill

The Saints have good players in each of these restricted free agents.  Mickey Loomis has specifically mentioned that Lelito and Kelemente are great candidates to play guard, Josh Hill has been groomed behind Ben Watson, and you can always count on Khiry Robinson to move the ball.

New Orleans Saints Restricted Free Agents

Khiry Robinson

New Orleans Saints Restricted Free Agents

It is assumed, the Saints will wish to keep all four players and the offers may be on different levels based on interest from other teams.  All of these offensive players are familiar with the scheme and fit of the Saints offense and a free agent may be more expensive and a draftee may not be ready to play in their first year.  In our opinion, it would be wise to keep the players given the following dynamics.

Running Backs    Only Ingram and Spiller are under contract.  Tim Hightower and Kendall Hunter are unrestricted free agents.

Tight Ends   Only Rashaun  Allen is under contract.  Ben Watson and Michael Hoomanawanui are unrestricted free agents.

Guards   Only Andrus Peat and Ryan Seymour are under contract. (Although Peat is listed as a guard on the depth chart, it is more likely he will play tackle.)  Mike McGlynn is an unrestricted free agent and Jahri Evans is a free agent.

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