What will be 2016 NFL Combine positions of interest for the New Orleans Saints? We believe the Saints will most likely to be interested in defensive positions as well as offensive linemen, wide receivers, and tight ends.  Click here to view our compiled table of positions by day with some of our comments. (Note: We are still compiling draft profiles so the comments are not complete).

At present, my thoughts around the first pick are

The draft is deep at defensive tackle and defensive end and thin at outside linebacker, inside linebacker, and corner back.

Therefore, I could see the Saints looking in the first round for OLB, ILB or CB because these are needed positions (absent any free agency moves).  At pick number 12 the best OLB and CB in my opinion–Myles Jack (OLB)  and Vernon Hargreaves (CB)–will be gone.  The question then becomes do the Saints go for the best inside linebacker (Reggie Ragland) when Stephone Anthony is on the roster or do they go for Jaylon Smith (OLB) and wait a year for him to become healthy (He is a difference maker–think Luke Kuechly–but definitely sounds like he will need a year of recovery).

2016 NFL Combine Positions of Interest for the New Orleans Saints

Jaylon Smith

Or do they go for Eli Apple (CB)?

They could wait until the second round for another quality OLB in Sua Cravens.  So, do they go for Apple in the first round?  And they cannot possibly go wrong by picking one of the quality defensive tackles or defensive ends.  Think they wait until the later rounds for an offensive player.

And, again, all of this depends on free agency.  But don’t just believe me, here is what Mel Kiper had to say on the domino effect of free agency on the draft.

  Mel Kiper Jr.Football analyst

One thing I always need to remind myself about the draft: You can’t overstate your perception of immediate needs. That’s because while teams do factor in where the roster needs to be deeper and where clear holes exist, nobody assumes that even the top picks in the draft are going to just come in and plug holes from day one. The other reason I mention that is because teams are about to set off addressing needs in free agency, going after experienced players with actual NFL track records. Many of the best teams are able to largely bypass the free-agency process, but overall, it does allow teams to target needs and make the draft more about taking the best player at every turn — which is how evaluators prefer to approach things.

2016 NFL Combine Positions of Interest for the New Orleans Saints

2016 NFL Combine Positions of Interest for the New Orleans Saints