After taking some time off after the season to recharge, I’m back with what I have been doing the last few years – combing through film of draft prospects. Some will be names I’m sure you are familiar with and some will be sleepers you may have not heard of but one thing they will have in common is that it will be a position that the Saints have a need in either – immediate help or simply for depth and/or with an eye to develop for the future.

I have one disclaimer though: for those of you who have never read my reviews, I never research what other analyst write about prospects beforehand because I don’t want what I read to subconsciously creep into my mind while I’m looking at film (I will compare afterwards) so what you get is what I see – right or wrong.

Today we will start with Mississippi State cornerback Will Redmond.

Will Redman
Will Redmond

Will Redman
College: Mississippi State
Position: Cornerback
Exp: Senior
Weight: 186
Height: 6′ 0″
Hometown: Memphis TN



Draft Prospect Will Redmond Cornerback Mississippi State

I chose Redmond as my first review mainly because he’s in a situation where he could slide down the draft boards and he may be available in the 3rd or 4th round which would be a steal in my opinion.

Lets backtrack a little bit first – Back in the middle of October Redmond tore an ACL in practice. By all accounts Redmond has 1st round talent (or at the latest an early 2nd) unfortunately for him his timeline to be ready for the NFL combine doesn’t look good but he may be ready for his pro day.

When I first started looking at him you can see the talent and he’s fast – reportedly clocking a 4.38 40 at Mississippi St.

One of the first things I look for when looking at defensive backs is how tough are they? In that I mean are they willing to mix it up in run support and get dirty?  How is the player’s tackling? How physical are they jamming a receiver at the line? Redmond fits the bill even though I still think he needs to work on his tackling technique (it’s not a lack of effort though).

Technique is something that Redmond doesn’t lack–even though he excels in press man coverage  Below is a clip of him playing off (probably it has to do with down and distance). This is textbook coverage – notice how he flips his hips and then times the ball perfectly to break up the long ball.

Redman pass break up

As I mentioned earlier, Redmond needs to work on his tackling and below is a clip that displays that but the clip also shows how fast this young man is.

After Redmond whiffs on the tackle notice how far out of the play he is and then watch him almost catch the runner – I don’t think lack of effort will be problem with him on the next level.

redmond 2

Next up we have Redmond playing press coverage against LSU’s Travin Dural–who’s running a straight fade route. Notice the use of his arms to disrupt Dural plus he has great inside position – this is the kind of technique that catches my eye.


The next few months are going to be huge for Redmond with multiple team doctors making sure that knee is sound and his rehab is going well.  It’s a shame because I really would have liked to have seen his combine work outs.

How far he slips on draft day remains to be seen.  Who knows? Some team may take him early or he could slide down to where he may be picked at a bargain price. At any rate I wish him the best and hope the Saints have their eyes on him.