New Orleans Saints Roster Moves

Dannell Ellerbe – His new contract is $3.2M which is a savings of dropped his cap figure to $3.2 million.  His previous cap number was $5.9 million charge.This provides cap relief of $2.7M and places the Saints under the cap.  Ellerbe cut his base salary to $1.7 million in the final two years of his contract. Ellerbe will now receive a $750,000 roster bonus with his new contract.

Ellerbe did take a large pay cut to stay with the Saints.  When healthy, he was a disruptive force on the field and was largely responsible for many of the wins on defense holding up the mid range of the field. When he was out, opponent sorely tried the Saints in this area of the field.  When he returned to the field at the end of the 2015 season, he did not look completely healthy. There will be linebackers added to the roster this season, and it is hoped this is one of the New Orleans Saints roster moves that will pay off by having a veteran presence on the field.