Sean Payton was a guest on ESPN’s Post Season Countdown show.

Sean Payton
Coach quotes: Each step in the playoffs takes everything up a notch but it is like the rregular season until the time between the championship game and the Super Bowl–that is when the media circus begins.  These are the four best teams in the league which often decide a game by a score.

Payton expects Denver v Patriots to be a low scoring game.  Payton has seen Cam Newton grow this year and he has become a calmer, more accurate player.  He has operated with more poise; it has been Newton who has beaten teams.  If you let him flush to the right, he is looking to throw.  The real question this weekend is whether Carson Palmer can keep up.

Sean Payton still regrets letting Rob Ninkovitch go not once but twice.

Denver will play man to man.  Sean Payton thinks Denver lines up well with New England but the open question is how to handle Gronk.

Thinks game with Carolina will be high scoring.  Arizona will need to protect the A and B gaps because of Carolina’s front seven but Carolina’s back end is concerning. Carolina will want to make Cardinals one-dimensional and make Palmer beat them with his arm given his bad finger. if Star and Kawann get to Palmer, it is Carolina’s game. If not, the Cardinals will hang tough with them.