These were the first words of Sean Payton to Mickey Loomis when they met.  No threats; no leverage; just an honest desire to coach in New Orleans.  Contracts are not negotiated in such a manner but a discussion among colleagues would be couched in these terms.  Mickey Loomis also stated he took no calls from other teams and made no calls to other teams.  So much for the media hype and speculation that Mickey was only offered a second round pick.

Mickey Loomis

Mickey Loomis

The only definitive word was from Ian Rapoport who stated an associate of Sean Payton told the 49ers he would like to coach in San Francisco last year.  Everyone else opined Payton would move to be closer to his daughter in California or he would follow Parcells’ example of moving on at the ten-year mark. All reporters pointed to each other as sources saying there must be fire because the speculation smoke was going up. Really, is this the best reporters can do?

Yes, I realize the reporters really do know information they don’t tell their readers.  So take the reporter’s word for it–after all, they know best?  Well, if you have something definitive say it and if not then do not disparage fans for not believing what has not been written.  If you have some history of reporting the truth behind the scenes, you will be believed.  But this has not been the finest hour of reporting on Sean Payton.  Don’t get mad when reader don’t follow your prescribed narrative. Most people know when you don’t have the goods–we’ve got all sorts of people trying to sell us stories each day.  Just report the news and inform. Readers are not interested in your unsolicited opinions to Saints management or your war with Sean Payton.  Please, go cover Belichick, Coughlin or Kelly and learn some coaches are abrupt.  Live with it–it is your market.

From Loomis said reports that Payton was considering leaving with two years remaining on his contract were irksome.

“Those reports happened for two months. I get that you have to ask questions and follow those, but, golly, that kind of reporting is really irritating to me,” Loomis said. “Because no one ever asks me. No one ever asks me and I don’t think anyone ever directly asked Sean until after the rumors came out.”