Hammering defenses since 2006

Hammering defenses since 2006

Let’s start with why Sean Payton will remain in New Orleans:  Drew Brees, Mickey Loomis, and Mr. Benson plus a team rebuild of Payton’s own design.  Sean Payton has a rarefied, successful and award winning relationship with Drew Brees.  No other elite quarterback will be in the mix should he chose one of the opening jobs.  Mickey Loomis and Sean Payton are close friends that may be in the midst of a struggle but Sean Payton will not find a general manager who understands him better and can almost complete his sentences.  Building a relationship with another general manager of any other team selected will require a long time to move in tandem and be successful.  Although Mr. Benson is presently in a struggle to replace assets in the trust for his children/grandchildren, it will not affect his ability to cede ownership and decision making to Gayle Benson. Lastly, Sean Payton is heavily invested in the formation of the present team which I believe is on an upward trajectory.  Payton will have to step back and wait for other teams to coalesce into a winning unit.  It will take time–because let’s face it, no one fires the head coach on a team stocked with talent and an elite quarterback.

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New York Giants: The Giants have a stable ownership structure and a very good quarterback but one would question the validity of their roster under Jerry Reese.  The roster is akin to the Saints roster and Sean Payton would have his hands full trying to coax a winning season out of the present team.  In all likelihood, Reese would be the prime decision maker on draft choices and Payton may feel handcuffed in building a roster.  Also, the entire playing philosophy for the team will change.  It is unlikely he would retain Steve Spagnuolo (whom the Giants organization is fond of and admires) or Ben McAdoo.  Reportedly, Eli Manning has succeeded under McAdoo, and it is not believed the Giants will wish to give Eli Manning a new system yet again.  Payton would run the offense and would choose a defensive coordinator. The Giants are in full swing lining up candidates to interview including Spagnuolo and MacAdoo.

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Miami Dolphins: The Dolphins ownership would not be an ideal situation.  Ross is not an easy man to deal with.  The general manager is new but it sounds as if the new coach will have some say in the decision making.  The roster is not overall bad but it is not the type of culture Sean Payton likes to create (Can anyone envision the conversation with Brent Grimes over his wife?).  Miami’s quarterback would need extensive work or a new quarterback installed.  Don’t think this is where Payton would wish to land. Team will need time to become a disciplined Sean Payton team.

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Philadelphia Eagles: Lurie sounds like a good owner but he makes too many rash decisions and did not value Andy Reid.  The power structure is in flux and the owners sounds like he can be persuaded to move in different directions.  Not the type of place Payton would willingly walk into.  Sam Bradford is a bit of a mess as a quarterback but has potential.  However, the roster left by Chip Kelly will require years to realign.  It would take less time to build the Saints back to championship form.  Not a place Payton would choose in my opinion.

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Cleveland Browns: Owners, team, general manager situation are all headaches.  This job will be a huge labor of love for some lucky coach but it will not be Sean Payton.  He would not have the patience for the missteps and lack of disciplined thinking in the building.

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San Fransisco: This owner is so dysfunctional I cannot see Sean Payton subjecting himself to the slings and arrows of working with Jed York much less Trent Baalke.  Becoming a head coach is a lot like a marriage, you have to choose wisely.  Too much is at stake if either partners decides to make poor decisions.  You have to live with the consequences of their actions irrespective of your ability to make good ones.  The only way out is divorce.  The roster is good with defensive players but lacks a quarterback worthy of Payton.  Closeness to his daughter notwithstanding, Sean Payton is not going to San Fran.

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Tennessee Titans: This is an intriguing spot. Ownership rests in the hands of Bud Adams daughter who is a first time owner.  Additionally there is a potential litigation between the Titans and the NFL over its ownership structure. Given the relatively short period of time Amy Adams Strunk has been in power, it is hard to determine what type of owner she will be other than knowing she fired Ken Whisenhunt and promoted Mike Mularkey to head coach and fired the general manager at the end of the season.  Dick Lebeau as defensive coordinator is a great asset to have. The team is currently looking for a new general manager.  Will they hire one before or after the head coaching position is determined? Not much is in the news on the Titans other than the speculation Mularkey will remain the head coach.  The roster looks good with a tough defense and a promising quarterback in Marcu Mariota.  There have been no confirmed interviews for the Titans, and Chip Kelly is lurking out there but right now the Tennessee press seems to believe Mularkey is the man.  However, many of the top coaching names have been linked to the Titans, but some top candidates state the ownership structure is making them wary.

Why Sean Payton Will Remain in New Orleans – Because he is smart enough to know where he can succeed

At the end of the day, will Mr. Benson be happy?

Tom Benson

Tom Benson