It appears today will be really be the day we will know the Sean Payton coaching decision.  There is a New Orleans Saints Sean Payton press conference scheduled for 1pm today.  Follow our live news stream with is updated continuously throughout the day until a Sean Payton coaching decision has been reached. We are including information showing Sean Payton has not been scheduled for interviews on open head coaching positions.

As for the open positions: Giants are moving forward with a list of candidates; Eagles are conducting second interviews with Adam Gase; Titans have been silent; San Francisco has interviews set up namely with Mike Shanahan; Dolphins are moving quickly through their list of candidates; and so are the Browns.

There was some fun late last night when Jerry Jones’ private jet was spotted at the New Orleans Lakefront Airport but he was in town for fun and relaxation and not to negotiate with Sean Payton.

Jerry Jones' private jet

Jerry Jones’ private jet

Jones had stated earlier he was happy with his coaching staff but the speculation did rise as we look for every clue on coach’s fate.

Sean Payton greets Jason Garrett

Sean Payton greets Jason Garrett

Hang on!  It should be a bumpy day.

Sean Payton Coaching Decision

Sean Payton Coaching Decision. Is Benson taking off the hat or putting it on?