Ok, it is a long shot to win the sixth seed and maybe I just want an excuse to play one of the best songs ever created– “What Does It Take to Win Your Love.”

But there are some scenarios which would allow the Saints to earn the 6th seed.  It’s Christmas, relax!  Anyway, we will know by Monday night where the possibilities lie.

What Does It Take to Win The Sixth Seed For Us

What Does It Take to Win The Sixth Seed For Us

For those watching the Seahawks (8-5), they will most likely win the 5th seed by beating two of their last three teams (CLE, STL, ARZ).  This dynamic will leave the Saints chasing the sixth seed along with Atlanta, Chicago, Tampa Bay, Minnesota, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Washington and New York Giants.

In order to qualify, the Saints would have to win their last three games.  This would be the first step, drop any of these games, and their hopes are gone. If the Saints go 8-8, then 

Atlanta: (6-7) Would need to win two out of the last three (JAX, CAR, NO) to get to 8-8, and if we lose to them in the last game of the year, we would go 7-9.

Chicago: (5-8) Would need to win last three games of year to get to 8-8. They play MIN, TB, DET.  It is possible they could win these games. The tie breaker would go to the team with the most NFC conference wins, which we would have.

Tampa Bay: (6-8) Would need to win out against CHI and CAR to get to 8-8. Just don’t know if the club has what it takes to win both of these last two.

Minnesota: (8-5) Would need to win one game to drop us out. They play CHI, NYG, GB.  This is the team to watch. They must lose their last three which is not likely especially playing CHI.  If CHI does beat MIN on Sunday, then we have plenty to root for on Monday night.

St. Louis: (6-8) Would need to win last two against SEA and SF.  Doesn’t seem likely especially against a SEA team fighting for the 5th seed.


Philadelphia: (6-7) Would need two out of the last three (ARI, WAS, NYG).

Washington: (6-7) Would need two out of the last three (BUF, PHI, DAL)

New York Giants (6-7) Would need two out of the last three (CAR, MIN, PHI)

One of these teams will win the NFCE.  The other two will fight for the sixth seed.  Washington has the easier road to winning two (BUF, PHI, DAL). This would leave PHI and NYG fighting for the sixth seed.  Since I think it is likely PHI will lose to ARI and NYG to CAR, the last game of the season when the teams play each other would knock the other one out of the sixth seed. If NYG wins out, we would have beat them head to head and would have the sixth seed.  If PHI wins out, they would win the sixth seed since they beat us head to head.  So if we are still alive, then pull for NYG in its last game of the year against PHI.

What Does It Take to Win The Sixth Seed For Us

This weekend

  1. Pull for MIN to lose to Chi (tall order) – Not likely and if Min wins, we are eliminated
  2. Pull for CAR to beat NYG
  3. Pull for ARZ to beat PHI
  4. Pull for BUF to beat WAS
  5. Pull for JAX to beat ATL

(STL and TB won’t play until next week.)  By the end of the day on Sunday, we may have a pulse but, again, only if we win the next three.

Let me know if any of the scenarios are flawed; but, even with three games to go, there are so many combinations of wins and losses.

What Does It Take to Win The Sixth Seed For Us

What Does It Take to Win The Sixth Seed For Us