This was a game I expected the Saints to lose given their current personnel and recent coaching changes. The team remains on the verge of getting some depth at key positions which will be accomplished in the draft.  The loss of a player such as Dannell Ellerbe or Keenan Lewis should not stop a team that is fully stocked at each position. We could certainly use a wide receiver or two in addition to the ones we presently have and the draft pick of Grayson still has me scratching my head.

On defense, once the team settled down, they do comparatively well and held the Texans down once they had scored their initial 24 points. I like some of the plays I saw, the communication and the scheme.  Kudos to Dennis Allen.

New Orleans Saints versus Houston Texans Rapid Reaction

Dennis Allen

On special teams, a few gaffes but glad Forth was able to make a career high of 57 yards. On offense, the team continues to struggle to give Brees enough time and we are missing receivers who can dominate.  Liked the play of Peat–that was a definite upside. The offensive problems can be fixed in the draft. The lack of good personnel can be traced to some previously bad drafts and contracts–think Byrd and Uger were good free agent acquisitions.  Like the play of Browner but Oy, those penalties.  There is still a lot of future for the Saints with Drew Brees and they should spend the rest of the year getting better and more focused.  Liked the on field huddle by Brees with the team. There should be more of that–usually Brees huddles with his tablet, we need more team chemistry.

As for the Panthers game, I am not expecting them to win but do expect them to do themselves proud with effort and play.

New Orleans Saints Versus Houston Texans Rapid Reaction

New Orleans Saints Versus Houston Texans Rapid Reaction