On the way to the NFC Championship Game, Saints fans were excited and nervous — would our champions pull it off? Throngs of Saints fans hurried to the dOMe, passing a huge statute in front of a Poydras Street office building which was improperly clad in a Brett Favre jersey with some rude sayings. (New Orleans is always a tad bit irreverent).  Saints flags were everywhere and nary a Vikings’ fan in sight.  Fans were ready to shut them out of the dOMe.

The game was thick with noise and tension, and the score teetered back and forth.  I remember bowing my head in prayer as Adrian Peterson threatened to score late in the game only to fumble the ball.  Finally, we were within a field goal of our dreams.  The Mercedes Benz SuperdOMe was hushed as Hartley got final instructions from Coach Payton and took the field.

Garrett Harley’s field goal to send the New Orleans Saints to the Super Bowl is forever etched in my mind.  I can still feel the roar of the crowd as the ball went threw the uprights.  Driving home from the game that night, the city was totally joyous.  Cars stopped mid street and passengers jumped out to dance around and No One, No One minded.  Fireworks went off from homes across the city and random fans stood at intersections waving enormous Saints flags. Everyone wanted to touch someone to cement the bond of fandom–this was a celebration of a larger family.  It was unbounded joy and unheralded merriment.

What do you remember from that game?  What was your favorite moment?

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Anyone Remember This Famous Mercedes Benz SuperdOMe Play

Anyone Remember This Famous Mercedes Benz SuperdOMe Play