Looks like the rumors are starting early this season.

This past Sunday, ESPN’s Adam Schefter issued a report citing league sources that multiple teams are expected to inquire about the status of Saints head coach Sean Payton. The Miami Dolphins and the Indianapolis Colts were specifically mentioned as teams that may be interested in acquiring his services. Payton addressed the topic during his conference call with the media on Monday.

“I think that happens when you’re in year ten, I think and you’re not having success there’s this, well you know, is there another job he would be interested in,” Payton said. “I love it here, I’m close to my children, I just built a brand new place here so you get tired of answering the question and yet I understand you asking and I’ll say what I’ve said before. This is where I see myself and I’ve said that now for however many years.”

Payton even went so far as to site specific reports from recent years about his supposed departure from the Saints to various college and NFL teams, especially the Cowboys. He summed them up by saying “If you predict that every year, at some point someone’s going to be right.”

Hopefully Monday’s comments will lay the topic to rest for a while. Payton On Job Rumors: “This Is Where I See Myself”