Film Analysis Saints versus Bucs Part 1 – Saints making little mistakes that cost them dearly

Tried to get as much in as I can before the Saints play the Panthers on Sunday.  Will continue analysis in next part.  Some eye opening information here.

First Quarter – Series 1 Offense

Cooks 8 yards – Unusual formation along offensive line of scrimmage; Peat throws down a defender


Cooks loss 4 yards – Bad blocking by Watson seals the fate of this play


Offsides by Khiry Robinson


Coleman 22 yards – Beautiful pass between two defenders


Ingram no gain – Why not run right? Lelito gets turned around; Austin Johnson does not create a hole; Armstead does not fully engage


Spiller 19 yards – Jahri gets McCoy on the ground

(Jahri gets McCoy on ground)


Austin Johnson incomplete pass – Dropped by Johnson


CJ Spiller no gain – Well designed play but Unger dives at feet of defender (which he did at lot in Seattle) and Clint McDonald jumps over him to stop Spiller


Snead incomplete – Brees stares Snead down; very well covered; misses an open Colston.

First Quarter – Series 1 Defense

Doug Martin – 2 yards

Doug Martin – 3 yards Great tackle by John Jenkins despite being double teamed.


(Think this is a missed facemask)


Seferian-Jenkins – 21 yards Like the pressure off of both ends by Gwacham and Kikaha and secondary is not in a bad position by leaping grab by Jenkins


Doug Martin – 20 yards Missed tackle by Stephone Anthony


Doug Martin – 1 yard Kikaha gets away from lineman and makes the tackle while trying the strip the ball


Jameis Winston – 2 yards Good secondary coverage No where for Winston to throw


J Winston – Incomplete pass Pressure off of both ends by Gwacham and Kikaha; Gwacham forces the incompletion

First Quarter – Series 2 Offense

Ingram – 5 yards Squeezing through hole set by Johnson

Brees – Incomplete pass Watson and Evans let defenders through but penalty on TB gives Saints first down


Spiller – No gain Bad blocking nullifies Strief’s effectiveness and ends play


Cooks – 6 yards Good protection for Drew


Brees sacked


What am I seeing thus far?  All is takes is one player to make a mistake, and the other team will capitalize.  We are making mistakes.