Well the dress rehearsal for players trying to make this team has come to an end, here are a few of my quick thoughts on what (or who) stuck out tonight.

I think it was telling that the Saints open their 1st drive with a 44 yard strike to Brandon Coleman on their very 1st play from scrimmage (he was wide open) and finished it up with a touchdown to Willie Snead, welcome to the future Saints fans.

I don’t know if the log jam at running back will allow for a roster spot for Tim Hightower but he deserves one, if not he will be playing in the NFL this year – good for him, he deserves it with his long road back.

Ryan Griffin had Willie Snead wide open for a score and missed him, you have to make that throw – they settled for a field goal.

By the end of the 1st quarter I liked the coverage downfield by all, causing a lot of dump offs and it seemed they were able to get some pressure, Edebali comes to mind.

Great read and jump by Kyle Wilson on the pick in the red zone, this probably sealed his way on the roster (if injuries already didn’t cement it for him)

Coleman was impressive tonight.

Davis Tull flashed that speed with a tipped punt and a sack that he won’t get credit for because of a hold by Kyle Wilson (and the hold wasn’t needed, he was there that quick) and Tull continued to get pressure all night….good sign.

I know this was an evaluation game but the secondary was almost a shut down unit in the 1st half, I’m very pleased with that – especially Stanley Jean-Baptiste in coverage.

The second half, not so much.

I wish I could say the same for the second string offensive line, Griffin was under a lot of pressure dropping back tonight.

Brian Dixon cannot let a receiver in the red zone muscle him for the angle to the end zone, bad technique all around on Green Bay’s 1st touchdown.

Excellent strip and recovery by on Pierre Warren on the punt at the end of the half only to be nullified by a Saints gunner penalty (not sure but I think it was SJB or Wilson) – to be fair I thought the penalty was borderline.

Marcus Murphy sure is fun to watch, Griffin was not.

As good as SJB looked in the 1st half he got torched for a 77 yard slant touchdown to start the 2nd, he did get beat but Pierre Warren takes a horrible angle and is way out of position to give any help.

I was hard on Kyle Wilson the 1st game but he has steadily improved throughout and this game being his best, he was solid all night.

I was pleased that the Saints clean up some of the sloppiness tonight (penalties)

Grayson, while he had some decent plays still waits to long to let the play develop, namely the missed deep ball to Joe Morgan who had a few steps on the defender but I will say this Grayson has a really strong arm.

Over looked on the screw up blunder by Joe Morgan that led to a Grayson interception close to the Saints end zone was a great pan cake block by Andrus Peat, really nasty.

On the Green Bay’s White touchdown I thought Corey White and Patrick Robinson were still on the team…that was a horrible miscommunication between the defensive backs on the left side of the coverage.

And then White scores again.

Sean Payton needs to check Jean-Baptiste cleats after the White touchdown, slipping is not an option at this level.

The scoring run by Green Bay at the end of the game was in one word – manhandled…really on all fronts for that play.

The second half was ugly and that’s that for tonight.

Welp the Saints really fell apart in the 4th quarter with guys that won’t be on the team come Saturday and with that I’ll wrap it up by saying….it on now the real bullets will fly the next game. Are they ready? we shall see and with that, as always….WHODAT!!!