These are my quick impressions from tonight.  Expect more thorough coverage from us tomorrow.

First, it was good to be back in the dome.  It is still a magical place and a worthy venue for a soon-to-be-great football team.  On the whole, the team played better tonight especially on defense.  The defense played with a lot of energy and focus.  The play by the secondary was outstanding in the first half, and you can see the work Coaches Dennis Allen and Wesley McGriff have put into this unit.  On offense, I think the team may carry two full backs. Yes, I know that may be against conventional wisdom but with the play of the wide receivers and only two tight ends to count on–the team may want more omph on offense.  Concerning was the play of the wide receivers, except for Cooks, it is a unit that had not yet jelled with timing and ability to maintain possession.  Expect this to be an emphasis for the reason of the pre season.  My expectation is the Morgans will continue to improve and will likely get the nod.  Our oline play is stellar. Kelemente is a star in the making.

Thanks for reading and I may change my impressions tomorrow, but this is what I am seeing tonight.  Until tomorrow …

Saints v Patriots Preseason Quick Thoughts