It’s finally game day Saints fans! The long wait is over, so grab a cold one with your favorite tailgating grub and sit back and enjoy.

So much has transpired since Pete Carroll called the most idiotic play in football history, from the Saints cleaning the house to the rest of the nation finally catching up with what the Who Dat Nation already knew – Roger Goodell is an incompetent assclown who should be removed immediately. From the 49ers imploding before a down is played to a starting quarterback getting his jaw broken in two over 600 buck to a knucklehead simply known as beltman.

It’s over folks, tonight every team is 0-0 and every team has question marks – just some more than others.

Question marks abound on this 2015 Saints team which makes this pre-season one of the most anticipated in recent memory. Usually the starting roster is about 85% set before they even get into OTA’s but this year is different. So what am I looking for in these four pre-season games? First and foremost, no major injuries and no sloppy play.

The main thing though that I will be watching closely is the front seven, this unit is in my opinion  the key to the Saints success or failure this year. From all accounts linebacker Stephone Anthony is the real deal, after only one week in camp he basically kicked David Hawthorne to the curb and took that starting inside linebacker spot, I can’t wait to see this guy in-game action tonight.

Fellow rookie linebacker/edge Hau’oli Kikaha is another one I can’t wait to see under the lights, after a slow start to camp he has really began to pick things up and is reacting instead of thinking too much, I still think he has a bit to go but should be fine by the time Sept 13th rolls around.

I’m not sure how much Danell Ellerbe will play tonight (hoping a lot) but I would like to see if that player that he was with the Ravens is still there, I have a feeling it is.

I’m not even sure they will play Kevin Williams tonight, if they do it won’t be for long – same thing for Anthony Spencer.

But two players I do think will get a lot of playing time is defensive end Bobby Richardson and defensive tackle Tyeler Davison. If these two players live up to the hype that is coming out of camp then that whole “front seven is the key” just became much easier, keep an eye on these two closely tonight.

And last but certainly not least on the defensive side of the ball I want a good look at CB Delvin Breaux, with all the negativity going on in the league these days he’s proof that the human spirit can rise above and accomplish anything it wants. The NFL nowadays runs a nickle defense around 70% of the time, you might as well call Breaux a starter because he will be playing almost as much. He is to the Saints defense what CJ Spiller is to the offense, a key off-season acquisition that may pay bigger dividends than meets the eye.

Offensively of course all eyes will be on the revamped receiving corps, mainly Brandon Coleman, Seantavious Jones and Nick Toon but keep your eyes peeled for RJ Harris the undrafted rookie out of New Hampshire and Willie Snead who was signed to the Saints practice squad last December, both have been turning heads in training camp.

I also want the Saints to give an extended look to running back Tim Hightower. Back in mini camp I paid close attention to him to see if his cutting and explosiveness was still there after all of his knee issues (it was) but I also want to see him get hit in a real game situation and see how he rebounds or if there will be any hesitation.

Of course I will be paying attention to the 13th overall pick in the draft, Andrus Peat to see where they use him and how far he has come after he stumbled  to start training camp. Reports are that he is getting better but it’s baby steps at this point. I will say this though, in Terron Armstead’s first camp he started slow just like Peat and then eventually the light turned on and he never looked back – lets hope the same happens to Peat.

Also I must mention Garrett Grayson, I want to see how much of the play book do they throw at him or will it just be vanilla mop up duty, I’m hoping for an extended outing from him but I’m not banking on it – probably just a little 4th quarter action.

These are just a few things that I will be looking for in tonight’s game and more so tomorrow when I break down the game tape. But right now I’m just happy its game day and football is officially back and with that I raise my glass to the Who Dat Nation – let the games begin, cheers.