Junior Galette’s mouth is the gift that just keeps on giving.

As most Saints fans know by now, this past Saturday evening played host to a social media onslaught that made the now-infamous Michel Sproles tirade of last spring look like nothing. Following word of Galette’s pending release becoming public late last week, a Twitter account said to belong to Galette’s girlfriend let loose with a verbal version of scorched earth attacking pretty much everyone that draws a paycheck from the New Orleans Saints other than the janitors. Many agree based on the depth of information about on-field performances and such that Galette himself was likely the true author of the rant hiding behind his girlfriend’s screen name. Laced in among the vitriol was the implication that Galette would be signing with a deal on Tuesday with NFC South division rival Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

While Galette denies any connection to the rant whatsoever, his own words help to establish a connection. According to John Hendrix of Who Dat Dish, Galette was in a rather salty mood at the team facility Saturday morning and was saying he would see them in Tampa. The odds of Galette and a random individual on Twitter referencing the same team out of 31 possibilities as Galette’s new employer on the same day are pretty low. When you add in the level of detail the tweets went into, the odds get even lower. Factor in personal pictures of Galette (which can be verified by the tattoos on his left arm) on an Instagram account linked to the Twitter account in question and the odds of a coincidence pretty much drop to zero.

The connection presents a new issue for Galette beyond showing every front office in the league he’s willing to say or do anything if he feels betrayed. The comments about Tampa Bay as well as those regarding multiple teams having already reached out were made on Saturday. Galette was not officially released by the Saints until Monday. In short, Galette just handed the Saints grounds to file tampering charges against any team that signs him any time soon. While the specific comments referring to Tampa coupled with a contract would be enough to compel a tampering investigation by the league, a quick signing by any other team paired with the comments about multiple inquiries prior to his official release could be enough to peak the league’s interest. Even if teams are certain that nothing would come of it, the very possibility of having to endure a league investigation while conducting training camp and trying to prepare for the 2015 season could serve as a significant deterrent to signing a player with so much baggage.

While Galette’s sack numbers for the past two seasons may be enough to make other fan bases cry out for their team’s front office to sign him, owners and general managers have to take into account much more than one column on a player’s stat sheet. Domestic violence accusations, suspicion of assault and a willingness to publicly air out any dirty laundry makes signing Galette an extremely high-risk move. The possibility of a league investigation hanging over an organization’s head because he and those around him simply cannot shut their mouths just might make Galette completely radioactive throughout the league. Weekend’s Events Create New Problem For Galette