When the news of Junior Galette being released by the Saints came across my timeline, it came as no surprise. Any other year it would have sent shock waves but this move is just par for course on Sean Payton bringing his off-season hammer down.

Was this a calculated move by Payton to send a final jolt and message to those reporting to training camp? We will probably never know for sure but I wouldn’t put it past Payton and his Parcells ways.

This move needed to be done, there was no other way.

All throughout the off-season with every out-of-the-blue left hook Payton kept throwing at the Who Dat Nation–the words of Drew Brees kept ringing in my ears. Brees is slick as they come when it come to press conferences and interviews, always saying the right thing along the politically correct company line. When he referred to himself as always striving for consistency and then followed it up with “everybody has talent at this level” but there is a lack of “being a professional.”  It really opened my eyes to what was going on.

Payton had lost the team and his leader of that team was sending a clear message to those not putting in the extra work to achieve one goal.

That message would fall on deaf ears.

This was happening in the middle of a five-game-home losing streak to close out the season. The worst part was that the horrible NFC South division was being handed to them on a silver platter and they chose to collect a paycheck and play in the streets instead of being a professional.

At first the off-season fire sale was a bit of a shock but the more I thought about it–Payton had absolutely no other choice but to burn the village down.

The Saints got rid of some really good football players to make this team better this year. As crazy as that sounds if they would have tried to fix this mess any other way, it would have amounted to kicking a can down the road with the chance of the turmoil rearing its ugly head going forward.

Sean Payton has done more with less talent than this group. The Saints destroyed teams when they were hungry playing with an us against the world mentality. I think this is what he is trying to get back – to wipe the canvas clean and instill his ideals while molding a team that has yet to play together into something that has a deep fire in its belly.

Less than a week before the team reports to training camp Sean Payton has slammed the door shut – it’s his way or the highway. The Saints may sink or swim with these moves but one thing is perfectly clear–it’s not business as usual for your New Orleans Saints and I for one love it.