Once again our good friend here at WDW Okielou has decided to drop by and give us a few thoughts on what’s going on around the league – this time his thoughts are on the Tom Brady ordeal

If Rodger Goodell upholds the suspension and Tom Brady is suspended for 4 games, Tom Brady will have the option of taking his case to court and hoping the court overturns the penalty or accepting the suspension and sitting out the first four games of the 2015 season. It will be a tough pill to swallow for a competitive Football player as Tom Brady has proven himself to be.

I doubt that Tom Brady would ever leave the New England Patriots in a bind with no one to replace him. BUT! If Jimmy Garoppolo showed that he is the Quarterback of the future for the New England Patriots, would Tom Brady be fed up enough to consider retirement?

Tom Brady has shown nothing but class on and off the field in his entire career and if he feels strongly enough that he is being wronged by the NFL in the “Deflategate” charges, would he say enough is enough?

There have been questions – “would  Deflategate tarnish his Legacy” I say NO, Tom Brady will go down in NFL History ranked right up there with the best of the best – He will be a first round Ballot inductee into the NFL Hall of fame.

In some ways I could say that the NFL needs Tom Brady as much if not more than Tom Brady needs the NFL. With some of the players that have not been able to keep their act clean being in the news and public eye, the NFL needs players with the class of Tom Brady to help keep the image that Rodger Goodell insist he is trying to maintain.

His net worth is in excess of $120 million and he has a beautiful rich wife that has more money than he does, so it would appear to me that money is not the reason he is staying in the game. He will continue being paid for all of his endorsements well after he retires, and that goes into the hundred of thousands, even millions a year in income. The love for the game would be the only thing to keep him playing for the next how ever many years.

I’m not saying he was or was not guilty of the charges filed against him, but the fact remains that he does indeed have more options than just taking his case to court. I don’t really see him making such a move, but I can’t discount any thing in today’s NFL.

ON A RELATED NOTE: In regards to the $1 million fine,  the loss of the 2 draft picks and Robert Kraft deciding not to appeal. I have also had some thoughts on If the New England Patriots where so sure that Tom Brady did not have any knowledge of or any employee was guilty of deflating any of the Footballs WHY would they not appeal. Some say it could have been in hopes Rodger Goodell would drop the penalty on Tom Brady.

Remember “Bounty Gate” anyone?

Rodger Goodell had to have told Robert Kraft something strong enough for him to back off.

I’m wondering if it had anything to do with Bill Belichick . Could Rodger Goodell have mentioned to Robert Kraft if he appealed  the penalty he was going to go after Bill Belichick like he did Sean Payton on his “Ignorance is no excuse” rule and suspend him for a year.

It may or may not have happened, but we all know Rodger Goodell is a conniving cut throat and will do anything legal or illegal to win his case. Rodger Goodell has proven if the rules don’t fit his need, he figures out a way to get around them. He is the best at bending the rules to get his way. It seems this is OK with the owners, so how can he be proven wrong?

This is just a thought that has been going through my mind on Tom Brady and the New England Patriots and since it is a dead time part of the season, I’m looking for anything to talk about, so just thought some may want to give their view on the issue now that the appeal has been heard.