UPDATED: Saints released statement about the incident at 3:15 p.m. CT; Galette’s attorney Ralph Whalen told several media outlets that the man in the video wasn’t Galette.  

Saints response dated June 20, 2015

Saints response dated June 20, 2015

From Bleacher Report

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Galette is facing an NFL investigation into a violation of the league’s personal conduct policy after he was arrested for domestic violence in January this week. Charges were later dropped in that case.

However, new evidence of another personal conduct issue has surfaced this week when a 2013 video shows Junior Galette throwing punches and swinging a belt during a South Beach brawl. The video is disturbing.  In the video, I believe the man in the white at the beginning of the video is who is believed to be Junior Galette. Initially, the man in white fought against a bare chested man in blue shorts and then a woman.  The woman was not potentially threatening in my opinion but the man in white swung his belt at her and struck her.  The man in the blue shorts eventually begins to hit a woman who is down on the ground.  The man in white then comes back and has another altercation with the man in blue shorts.

If this is Junior Galette, his punishment will probably be severe under the personal conduct policy of the NLF. Not only will Junior Galette face NFL discipline, but also the New Orleans Saints will be expected to take action as well.  If the Saints were to release Galette, it would result in $17,450,000 dead money. The question for the Saints would be if his conduct nullifies his contract.