Testifying today in the Tom Benson trial are Renee LeBlanc and Rita LeBlanc.   After almost four hours of testimony, Tom Benson’s daughter, Renee, is off the stand. Rita LeBlanc is now up.  Word is after listening to his relatives testify, Tom Benson may wish to testify.  Go get ’em, Feisty Mr. B!

The day concluded with Rita LeBlanc still on the stand.  She will testify tomorrow morning and her brother, Ryan LeBlanc, is expected to testify tomorrow.  After his testimony, the psychiatrist they hired will testify.

Several times today, Tom Benson told reporters that all was going well with the trial. “Wait till I get up there,” he said at the lunch break.  It is unclear if Benson will be on the stand. Asked later if he would speak, he said, “I don’t know — I’m ready.”  Benson was stoic when describing his reaction to the testimony of his daughter and granddaughter.

Alleging years of incompetence and disappointing performance, Benson dismissed Renee, Rita and Ryan as employees in December; their response was to remove his from his enterprises through this trial.