As he walked into his mental competency trial Monday, Saints and Pelicans owner Tom Benson answered a few reporters’ questions.

 The 87-year-old billionaire was feisty when asked if he can run his 55-year old business empire. “I’ve been running them for 50 years, huh?” he said.  Before entering the courtroom, Benson said, “I’m ready. I feel good.”  It is also reported, he complimented a female reporter on her appearance and quipped as photographers shot video and took pictures of him “Wait — let me smile.”

The trial will remain closed to the public.  Gayle Benson was not seen entering the courtroom.

Per the Advocate:

Two witnesses testified Monday, Tom Roddy and Takiyah Daniels.

Roddy has worked with Benson since 1972 and until recently was on the board of nearly all of Benson’s businesses. In previous testimony during an unrelated trial, Roddy called into question Benson’s ability to manage his fiduciary responsibilities and said he leaned heavily on others to make decisions.

Daniels was scheduled for a deposition prior to the trial. She has been a registered nurse since 2010 and apparently took care of Benson.

After testifying, Daniels and Roddy each emerged from Reese’s courtroom visibly worn down.