In an off-season where the Saints front office and coaching staff are looking to reclaim their locker room through a  focus on character, they may have ended up finding more than they could have hoped for Saturday afternoon in the form of undrafted free agent Kaleb Eulls. Before he was making tackles on the field for the Mississippi State Bulldogs as a member of their defensive line, Eulls gained national attention as a high school senior in 2009 for making the biggest tackle of his life…and saving as many as 23 other lives in the process.

According to reports, Eulls was awakened by the oldest of his three sisters during their morning ride to Yazoo County High School to see a girl on school bus brandishing a .380-caliber pistol. As other students on the bus began to panic, Eulls quickly opened the emergency exit allowing them to escape. Eulls then distracted the armed girl and attempted to talk her into giving up the gun as the other students and the bus driver made their way to safety. When she glanced away for just a moment, Eulls made his move. Just like he had done on the field many times before, Eulls dropped the girl with a huge tackle strong enough to knock the gun free from her grasp. He quickly retrieved the weapon and exited the bus.

If you look around the league, there are a lot of players doing good for their communities as well as the world in general. Many have established foundations or charities while others give of their own time or money to help improve the lives of others. How many though have actually put their own lives in danger to protect the lives of others?

That type character is hard to come by.