The following is a composite of several draft reports on this prospect. Our sources were CBSSports, NFL, Mike Detillier, Mike Loyko and OurLads.

Prediction: 2nd round  If the New Orleans Saints are looking for a defensive tackle in the second round, I would go for Bennett.  If the Saints nose tackle can eat up two defenders and the defensive ends are pushing in, think Bennett can make some plays in a Rob Ryan/Dennis Allen scheme.

Draft Profile of Michael Bennett

Position: Defensive Tackle


Played track in high school.  Not a space eater but quick.  Knack for the slip and strip.  Can make himself “skinny” with a shoulder turn to get past blockers.  Looks to disrupt. Plays well with his powerful hands and has good arm length for a player his height. His violent, active hands have made a name for him. Gets initial burst and extends arms to stay clean and shed. Has terrific technique. Constantly changing angles, makes it difficult for linemen to get clean, sustained blocks on him. Tougher against double teams than most interior linemen his size. Efficient arm-over move to defeat centers quickly. Is usually in control of the battle from snap to snap. Considered a team leader.

Although he was initially unhappy playing for Urban Meyer at first, settled down and played outstanding ball. Changed his uniform number to honor a player who died.


Can be inconsistent if he wears himself out with too much wasted motion trying to make a play as a pass rusher.  Overaggressive.  Lacks power and girth in lower body.  Is not known for splitting double teams.  


Michael Bennett

Michael Bennett